Non-productive Time

What are you really paying for?

Studies show that on average employees waste about two hours per day. The average is slightly higher for younger employees and slightly less for older employees. The biggest culprits are the internet, social media and socializing. This amounts to 10 hours per week or 520 hours per year. For an hourly employee at $25 per hour that equals $13,000 per year.


Other paid non-productive time includes vacations, paid holidays, sick-days, and breaks.


Based on $25 per hour

Two week vacation = $2,000

Standard paid holidays (6 per year) = $1,200

Sick Days (average 4.5 per year) = $900

Two 15 minute breaks per day = $3,250

Total = $7,350


Total paid non-productive time is about $20,350 per year not counting taxes, health insurance and other benefits paid on their salary. If you calculate 25% for taxes and insurance the total is about $25,438 per year.


With VEA you only pay for the time worked instead of non-productive time.