No Office Required

How much does an office cost for an in-house employee?

Office Space - $1,137

The average office cubical space is 8 feet x 8 feet which equals 64 square feet. For a middle class office building
in Metro Denver, the average cost per square foot is $17.76 so an 8’x8’ cubicle costs $1,137 per year. A walled office normally cost even more.


Office Furniture - $2,000

The average cost for the office furniture such a desk, chair, filing cabinet, cubical walls, decorations, etc.


Computer, Software and Updates - $1,500


Other Office Equipment - $500

Printer, copier, telephone, etc.


Office Supplies - $150


Utilities – electricity, internet, phone service - $250


Miscellaneous amenities such as coffee, office lunches, parking, holiday parties - $100


On average, the additional cost for an onsite assistant is $5,637 for the first year and about $2,600 every additional year. With Virtual Executive Assist you don't pay for an office space, furniture, computer upgrades and other office equipment.